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A B O U T  U S.

Our vision when we first got involved with raw dog food was visiting our farms, seeing the cows grazing on vast grasslands, seeing the chickens pecking for bugs, pigs in the back rolling in mud, what pigs do. 


What we quickly found out is that most cows are raised in feedlots on GMO grains, chickens never got to see the sun and pigs... you get the picture. This is the type of food most grocery stores carry, most restaurants and bars.


We couldn’t be a part of this anymore. We set out to northern Ontario, meeting real families and farmers who care and feel proud of their land and animals. 


We made sure our animals are on soil and grass, that they do have access to sun and fresh air and most importantly support humane farming that is not only good for the animals but the land and environment. 


We are the only company that uses only either pastured- raised or certified organic. Grass-fed animals. If you want to see more of our farms visit our IG page or website and look out for their links.

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