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Presa Canario

I have been purchasing my raw foods from this company for the past 3 years and have never been let down . My dogs are and always have been so happy and healthy, nice fur/skin healthy teeth, nails and fit structure.


The owners of this company have been so kind and genuine. They call me weekly to inquire about mine and my girlfriends satisfication with their products and the health of our Presa Canario Kuno..


This company comes from a place of strict compassion and loyalty for their customers and their four members, I highly recommend to any dog owners interested in or who already are raw food consumers .

Kratos - Thor - Odessa


Our experience with Hounds on Raw started from the very beginning for all our three pups. Our American Bulldog, Presa Canario, and Teacup Chihuahua. They have never been on a kibble diet and as a result of their healthy eating it is evident in all forms of their health particularily their stamina during high intensity work. People and our own vet are amazed in their teeth and skin health.

Primarily, we chose hounds on raw for the quality of their products. However, after more than three years with them, they have shown to us that not only is it their products that distinguish them from everyone else but also their heart and the connection they share with their clients which are our dogs.


We strongly believe we are what we eat therefore we will always be a Hounds on Raw pack.



Dutch Shepperd

Let me begin with my puppy Tonto, who is an 11 "month old Dutch Shepherd, has been such a picky eater. He stopped eating kibble as a puppy which lead me to starting him on raw. I have been through 3 different raw food companies before I found Hounds on Raw. After short enjoyments of some food he turned his nose up to it all. 

I met this amazing couple at Progressive K9 training who told me all about their passion for feeding dogs the healthiest organic free range food possible. Tonto and I haven't looked back since. He now gets excited for his meals. He can't get enough of the chicken beef mix and I can see why. The product speaks for itself. You can see all of the bits and pieces that aren't in any other food he has had. He licks the bowl clean every time and brings to to me asking for more. Not to mention how shiny his coat looks, how much muscle he has put on and how happy he is. Even his moods and energy have improved so much! 

Thank you guys for producing such a high quality food for my puppy. Anyone would be able to tell how much work and love they put into their products after one conversation. I would highly recommend this food to anyone with any kind of dog!! Its exactly what they need!




Belgian Malinois

After feeding our working dogs Raw from different Raw food companies we were never happy with the quality.
Once we made the switch to Hounds on Raw our dogs are thriving (energy, weight,coat and health) and never turn up a meal.

The owners Phillip and Elena our so passionate about there food.
They have a relationship with each farmer that produces the food and know how animals are raised. The animals are ethically raised, fed organic and are hormone and antibiotic free.They are a true farm to table company that supports local our local Ontario farmers.

Our dogs are our passion and we have piece of mind knowing we are feeding our dogs the best Raw you can buy.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 11.18.28


I was looking for consistent healthy food for my dogs. My two dogs adapted to this food, and responded really well. Most reliable and consistent raw food on the market. The price is right! for quality of meat you are getting for your hounds. You can see all meats in the mixes, especially when you pickup fresh, and they are odorless with no unhealthy fats. All pet stores offer is overpriced, poor quality raw meat. Not to mention, Phillips food is quality, grain fed animals raised without hormones.
Phillip also helped with dosing for my hounds as overfeeding was an issue. Great team. thanks guys

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